Filmmaker Peter Jackson, who helmed the revised version of the BeatlesGet Back documentary, believes more new music from the band is “certainly conceivable.”

Recently, the Beatles released "Now and Then,” a track built upon a demo recorded by John Lennon in 1980. Modern technology helped producers extract Lennon’s vocals, then combine them with material recorded by George Harrison in the mid-90s, along with contributions from surviving members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

“Now and Then” has been billed as the final Beatles song, but Jackson – who was closely involved in the process of creating the tune – believes that may not be case.

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“We can take a performance from Get Back, separate John and George, and then have Paul and Ringo add a chorus or harmonies,” the filmmaker explained to the Sunday Times, noting how technology could help salvage even more Beatles material. “You might end up with a decent song but I haven’t had conversations with Paul about that.”

Though Jackson admitted such a project would be “fanboy stuff,” he added that the undertaking is “certainly conceivable.”

Why Peter Jackson Believes the World Needed ‘Now and Then’

Some have openly questioned why Jackson and the remaining Beatles needed to resurrect a song which was abandoned decades ago. In response, the filmmaker explained what he views as society’s need for “Now and Then.”

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“With the world in the state it is, we need the Beatles to appear again,” the director noted, “as if a flying saucer has touched down and they’ve got off and are providing us with their one last song to cheer us up.”

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