With social media being what it is in this day and age, it can be a great tool for communication and keeping the public informed of what's going on.

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In particular, I think of transparency of how institutions like local government operates or will operate when a snowstorm hits the region.

We've seen in the past that certain people in power, like a mayor of a town will remain quiet as people are wondering what is going on with snow removal plans, parking during a storm, and other various situations involving inclement weather.

Superior, Wisconsin's Mayor, Jim Paine always does a great job at communicating the city plans for storms.  As you can see in the post made today for the weather system hanging out in the area, there is a plan depending on what the storm does.

Please take into account that it says: "Give yourself lots of extra time tomorrow morning."  Also remember that everyone doesn't have the best tires or the experience driving when it's less than ideal outside.


Many also haven't been driving in true winter conditions in a long while and forget how much time it can take to slow down or stop if you need to suddenly.  Try and be patient with others on the roads and if you don't need to go out and about, stay home if it gets really bad.

Also don't forget to check the social media pages to see where road cleanup efforts are at before you head on out.

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