Get ready to show off your hot wheels, Rockford.

Close-up of a classic car

The weather is amazing and so are the cars throughout Rockford. Our area is never short on car shows for Rockford to show off their rides.

People spent thousands and thousands of dollars and thousands and thousands of hours on their show cars. When you are walking through a car show, it's important to be respectful of the cars and the owners wishes.

I came across an important article that could help you if you are planning on being a part of a car show in the Rockford area this summer. According to CarShowTV here are The 10 Commandments of Car Show Etiquette:


  • Do Not Burn Out Before Leaving
  • Arrive On Time
  • Respect the Neighbor’s Parking Spot
  • Notify Event Staff Of Early Departure
  • Listen to Event Staff Directions
  • Do Not Drag Race On Public Roads
  • Do Not Kill The Guy Who Touched Your Ride
  • Be Respectful of Others
  • Patiently Answer Inquiries
  • Abide By The Judges’ Decisions






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