Almost Halloween time, so let's try to creep you out with a local spooky story.

Arsenic Poisonings
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I live in Rockton so I have asked around about this story. The funny thing is, everyone tells the story almost exactly the same.

Here's the nuts and bolts, there supposedly was a witch that lived in Rockton. This witch had a baby, the baby "mysteriously" died. The baby was buried in The Rockton Cemetery, and the grave sight is super haunted.

Now I have actually been to the cemetery to see this grave site, it has a little fence around it and does look kinda creepy. It is the only grave site in the entire cemetery that is protected in such a way.

According to Ghost Village there is way more to the story. The flowers around the site and even the grass from my personal experience, is odd.

Google it, add this to your list of local haunted attractions and Happy Halloween.

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