I'm going to start this off by saying it's not Halloween OR Christmas in my house until I've watched this movie at least once! But the debate as to which holiday this movie belongs to is almost as old as the film itself. Some may say that because Christmas is in the title, it's obvious that it's a Christmas film. Let's not forget that the main character is known as "The Pumpkin King" and lives in Halloween Town, making some lean towards it belonging to Halloween. And now thanks to an article I read on thenerdist.com, fans like myself can finally have an answer.

On the set of The Nightmare Before Christmas
Corbis via Getty Images

The Nerdist reports that Henry Selick, the director of this beloved film, was answering questions for a panel at The Telluride Horror Show. Close to the end of the panel, a little girl stood up and asked the question many have wanted to know the answer to for quite some time. Selick answered that is was.......a Halloween movie. He states the reason for this is that it's a story about the people who live in Halloween Town and how they react to something like Christmas. Not vice versa. Selick does go on to say that he does understand that there are many who enjoy the Christmas aspects of the film more.

It matters not to me what the director says, I will continue to watch this movie as much as I can starting in October through December. And now as a parent, I'm passing this on to my girls! They love it just as much as I do. With the great story written by Tim Burton, amazing music from Danny Elfman, and ghoulishly cool stop-motion animation it's not hard to see why folks of all ages love this holiday (whichever you prefer) classic!

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