Peeing in public is Rockford...What are the laws on this. You ACTUALLY CAN, it's just all about where you go. MyStateline

Ever been in an strange place and situation and really had to pee? You're stuck in traffic, you're walking a few blocks to your car...whatever. So what are the rules/laws about peeing in public?

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Jeana Jones

So let's start with Rockford's general ordinances (Sec. 19-20) on this topic:

“It shall be unlawful to urinate or defecate on any street, alley, sidewalk, parkway, public parking lot, or other public place.” Rockford Ordinances

First off this conversation is all about the "pee." Number on, not the other...eww.

So let's look at the "location" thing for a minute. Let's say you are out of the public eye...There's an old road that you are riding your bike on, our you are driving down and you REALLY gotta go. You pull over and go #1. Is that illegal? Technically you are in a public place, but it's out of the public eye???

Front Yard Toilet Photo By Double T
Front Yard Toilet Photo By Double T

As a state law, peeing in public in NOT considered public indecency. OK, so there's that...Weird.

In Chicago, Il the rules are the same for the most part but don't work depending on your age. Here's the shift of the rule depending on the age. The whole public place, sidewalks, public parking lot thing is illegal UNLESS you are under the age of five. Kids can pee wherever, I guess.

Target Toilet
Provided by Robert Villarreal

So I guess...hold it, or hide when you do it?

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