The Rockford community sure came together to honor Cyndi Kongsangobsakul, a woman who lost so much in 2021, as she was spoiled and honored last Friday night.

There's something special about being a bystander to a beautiful moment. It's funny because so many things I get to do here in Rockford are about me showing off a new place to visit or doing something fun or silly, but then there are moments like tonight's episode of Good Day Stateline, where I just get to sit back and see what our community is capable.

And you know what... those are the best moments.

You might remember in late 2021, Annetta Michelle announced her 815 Makeover Movement recipient, Cyndi Kongsangobsakul.

Annetta came on Good Day Stateline and shared the story about how she saw this woman's story on Facebook, a woman who lost her daughter to Leukemia and seven weeks later lost her husband to a heart attack.

That woman is Cyndi.

Shortly after Annetta saw the story on Facebook, she ran into an old friend John while she was running errands. She quickly found out John was Cyndi's brother and that truly placed the pieces together, and we were all able to surprise Cyndi and her son Trey on GDS.

Flash forward to this past Friday night when Annetta and Kylie turns Cyndi into a supermodel and sent her out on a limo ride to Franchesco's for a private dinner with her friends and family.

She was also gifted with hundreds of dollars worth of donations and gift certificates from the community who wanted to be apart of this amazing movement.

You can come with us inside the makeover tonight on Good Day Stateline at 5:30 and 11pm on FOX 39.

If you'd like to donate to Cyndi, you can do so here. 

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