After stealing clothes, an Illinois woman decided to return them before she leaves.

People try to shoplift all the time. It seems like every time I go shopping, I witness someone getting busted.

With all the technology, it's very hard to get away with stealing.

I've never heard of a thief's actions like this story.

According to,

"A woman apparently had second thoughts regarding items she shoplifted from a Peoria department store, according to police."

The suspect went into a store at a mall. She put some children's clothes into an empty bag. When the woman tried to walk out, an employee yelled at her to stop. The thief ignored the request and made it to her vehicle.

Before pulling away, she rolled down the window and tossed the stolen goods back to the worker. All the items were returned.

The store clerk didn't get a good look at her face but did get the license plate number. So far, attempts to contact the owner of the getaway car have been unsuccessful.

Something tells me, the suspect is still facing criminal charges.


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