'tis the season to get bat s**t crazy over pancakes! What would you do if you were in this situation, check this out.

All you can eat pancakes....yum. There's a rule where you can't share then with others, all YOU can eat not all ALLOF YOU can eat...Waitress tells you to stop sharing. What do you do, what DO YOU DO!

Nothing says a relaxing dinner with the family, quite like "all you can eat" pancakes at Denny's. Add in some yelling, screaming, and waitress punching and you have "Nothin' but a good time." SG

So here's your lovely set up. A Denny's in Oak Lawn Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Natasha West was arrested for "disturbance" when she didn't follow the rules of NOT SHARING her $4 all you can eat pancakes.

Natasha ordered the all you can eat hotcakes and then proceeded to share them the people she was with. There was some yelling, some cursing, and finally punches thrown at the waitress. Luckily, the maple syrup left this sticky situation with no punches landing. She did rage out and push some stuff off on a counter, that'll learn ya...or something.

Natasha bailed before cops arrived, but was eventually found and served and was to appear in court for her "Pancake Punching" and she blew off the court hearing. That's not a good thing. Here's an extra what the hell added to the story, the check she used to pay for her $4 all you can eat pancakes...bounced. What the.

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