An Illinois woman is suing Junior Mints for fraud.

Get this.

She's claiming fraud because the packaging is a misrepresentation of the actual amount of candy that is the box.

Wait a minute? Really?

Yep. I'm not kidding.

NBC Chicago shared a reports that Ms.Paige Stemm, of Belleville's lawsuit "targets the amount of slack fill used in Junior Mints packaging."

Slack is what the FDA defines as “the difference between the actual capacity of a container and the volume of product contained therein.”

It's basically the air filling we find in bags of chips to help protect the product from being crushed and damaged. Or in this case the extra space in a box of Junior Mints.

This woman is basically saying that Junior Mints has more slack in the box than what's actually needed and therefore is gypping customers out of extra candies that could or should be in the box.

Her attorney Christopher Moon backs that up saying that "Junior Mints come in an oversized theater box [and] that misleads consumers because consumers believe they’re getting more candy … than they’re actually getting.”

He also said that "the amount of empty space in Junior Mints boxes can result in the candy being damaged rather than protected due to excessive reshuffling."

OK, am I the only one snickering at this lawsuit?

Really lady, you're suing the candy company because they need to put more chocolate mints in the box?

Is this really necessary?

I don't get how this is effecting her daily life. Is this hurting her?

Wow! Just Wow!

I'm shaking my head over this.

Some people.








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