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Wisconsin Circuit Court
Wisconsin Circuit Court

There is "Mr. Belvedere's" stalker...Meet 45 year old, Ann Ladd. An attractive woman that loves her some Bob Uecker. The former major leaguer, tv star and Milwaukee Brewer play by play guy was stalked by Ann, a lot...and all over the country.

Feel free to read the entire report that Mr. Uecker turned into police, omg. This woman not only was a huge fan of Bob, but I'm pretty sure she is straight up nuts! Not only did she send him gifts, all the time, she would show up at events and baseball stadiums across the country to get to Bob Uecker. She knew which elevator he took at Miller Park and would jump out from behind a wall to surprise him. WTH??

When Ann's repeated attempts to "be with" Bob were shot down, it went from flowers and gifts to threats on his life. She told Bob that she had "two projects" that she wanted to work on with him..."Projects," it that what they call it these days. One of my favorite "stalking moments" was Ann following him to a pool and demanding that Bob waves at her. Just wave Bob, geez.

Ann Ladd had been ordered to stop contacting Bob Uecker and stay 500 feet away from him, his car, and his home. Well this "order" didn't work too well , as she was arrested for stalking him. I guess it's Mr. Belvedere reruns for Ann.

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