A woman in Illinois walked out of a store with a basket of booze and got away with it.

Usually, you can't just walk out of a business with a bunch of stolen merchandise.

I guess sometimes you can.


According to pjstar.com,

"Shrugging off a suggestion for proper payment, a woman strolled out of a drug store with a basket of booze early Saturday, Peoria police said."

The woman stopped at a Walgreens and filled a cart with alcohol. She then headed to the exit. When question by an employee about having to pay, the thief replied "no" and headed out the door. A car was waiting and they took off.

The police were unable to read the license plate number off of the security footage.

"The suspect got away with fifths of the following liquors: Effen vodka ($20.99); 1800 tequila ($26.99); Seagram’s gin ($11.99); Jack Daniel’s Honey ($19.99); and Bacardi rum ($11.99)."

I'm sure they will eventually track her down but by that time, the only thing left will be a big hangover.

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