I would've never considered Illinois a safe place at night but apparently, I need to re-evaluate that decision because a new study ranks our state high for being safe after dark.

Illinois Is One Of The Safest States For A Night Out

You can divide Illinois into two regions. One is Chicago and the second is the rest of the state. No matter how well-rated the Land of Lincoln is, the Windy City will bring it down. It's a world-class city with many problems including a big one with crime.

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I know people who are actually afraid to venture into Chicago because of the crime. The criminal activity in the Windy City is so bad, that I would've never considered it a safe place. I figured the bad things happening there would bring down the whole average.

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It's hard to shock me anymore when it comes to crime in Chicago but I recently read something about it that blew my mind. According to this report, I might have the wrong opinion of Illinois. It's actually not as bad as you would think.

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Did you know that Illinois is one of the safest places in the United States for enjoying a night out? That's including that mess of a city, Chicago. Overall, our state is rated # 7 for safety. I would call that impressive considering the reputation.

Want to be even more surprised? The top 3 are New York, New Jersey, and Florida. I would've never thought that. Another huge shocker is Tennessee is ranked dead last for safety. Overall, Illinois isn't a bad place to live.

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