You've been playing, 'Floor is Lava,' since you were five years old, now you can get paid to be a part of the Netflix show about the game.

Who doesn't love a chance to win money? What if you got paid in addition to having that chance? That's what's happening right now with Netflix's popular show, 'Floor is Lava.'

I'm still in shock that it took this many years for a game show to be created about lava floors.

We ALL played this game as kids.

My favorite version was on the swing-set in my parents' backyard. My brother and I would walk from the wood that held up the set to each swing without falling to 'win' the game.

Extra points if you could use the trapeze too.

But now you can get paid $250 a day to be on the show with a chance to win $10,000.

According to, Netflix is casting contestants across the country for season two of the show.

"Are you ultra competitive? Are you ready to defy the odds and race through an obstacle course with booby-traps at every turn? Are you ready for a once in a lifetime opportunity to show your competitive edge? If you and a group of your friends, family or colleagues are ready for a challenge that is as fun as it can be frustrating, apply today for the chance to win a huge cash prize!"

If you're chosen you'll get paid $250 a day for two days of shooting plus that chance to win. This all takes place in California, but it sure sounds like it would be worth the trip!

Who would you want on your team?

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