Pete Evick...I'm guessing the majority of you recognize him as Bret Michael's guitar player. Pete and I go back many years, and he is someone that I call friend.

He's a rocker, he's a business man Shining Sol Candle Company he's a father, an author, and an emotional guy that wears his heart on his sleeve. Always the guy to tell you to drive safe and wants to know if you made it home o.k...This coming from a guy that travels 150-200 days a year.

Last year the wife and I took a trip to South Carolina, on of our stops down there was Pete's candle shop to say hey and hang for a bit. Pete could not leave Washington the day prior because of an ice storm...So he made sure that his people treated us like royalty when we were down there.

He's a Van Halen lover (Sammy) he can shred on the guitar, and the day to day for Bret Michaels would not happen without him....Oh he also does some incredible solo work, which bring us to this video.

Here is Pete's write up on this "tribute" this "hey I care" to the people of the Ukraine:

Most people that know me, or have read my book know that this song had an incredible affect on my life. While completely irrational and abnormal, I spent an enormous amount of my childhood convinced that the bombs were dropping. In the wake of the current events in the Ukraine I decided to create a remake of this song. I suppose for some sort of selfish self therapy but also to show support, spread awareness, or to just say to anyone that wants / needs to hear, that I care! - Pete Evick

Here is Pete Evick, "99 Red Balloons."


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