A retired police officer from Glenview, Illinois located his missing badge on eBay.

It started out as a normal traffic stop in 1987.

While investigating the car of a drunk driver, Bill Golden, a former police officer, lost his badge.

Even after obtaining a search warrant for the vehicle, he was never able to track it down.

Years later, something strange happened.

According to upi.com,

"A retired police officer in Illinois has been reunited with a badge he lost while out on a call more than 30 years ago." 

A friend of the officer collects memorabilia and while on eBay discovered the lost badge. Golden tried to contact the seller but was ignored.

He didn't want to buy his old badge back because he considered it stolen property. eBay eventually shut the auction down.

Bill's friend surprised him by purchasing him the badge for his 60th birthday.

Who would have thought he would find it after all these years.

Now the retired officer has all his old badges. Even one he dropped in a sewer.

I bet his co-workers gave him a hard time about having trouble with them.


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