Anyone who lives in Rockford knows that the Forest City is host to numerous dangerous intersections; perhaps more annoying than dangerous, but there's definitely at least one that stands out more than the rest.

Ask a Rockfordian which intersection is the most dangerous and, without hesitation, I'm sure you'll hear "Auburn and Main." After roughly five years, people still can't figure out that darn roundabout.

There's no telling how many accidents have taken place there over the years (well, technically there is, but I don't have the numbers), but according to new data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there's at least one intersection in Illinois that is way more dangerous.

Business Insider says that the most dangerous intersection in Illinois is Stony Island Avenue and South Chicago Avenue, Chicago.

Most Dangerous Intersections in US
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It's because of intersections like this that I just prefer to take the train.

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