Growing up in the south I've dealt with my fair share of mosquitos. For some reason they just love me to death. I am basically a mosquito buffet for some reason. Well DEET season is officially here. In the last few days I have seen lots of mosquitos hanging out in my backyard. Just make sure to have your repellant ready because state health officials confirmed that the first mosquitos they tested this year came up positive for West Nile Virus according to

Last year 74 counties in Illinois reported West Nile virus. Last year alone there were 176 cases and 17 people died. West Nile is no joke, and there are a couple ways to help keep those little bloodsuckers out of your yard. 1. Get rid of stagnant water around your home. 2. There are certain plants you can put in your yard to help like Citronella. 3. Try to eat indoors as much as you can. 4. Apply plenty of repellant and repeat often. 5. If you are having a party in the coming days there are lots of products you can spray your yard with to help out. Just follow a few steps and it could really help you out this year.

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