This Illinois "Mom of The Year 2022" candidate, might be a hard one to beat! She was drinking in a Joliet, Illinois bar...while her four kids were in the car! PATCH

Joliet Police were called to the Rey De Copas Bar, because as mommy drank the night away...her four kids were in the car!

Richard Nelson

Adrienne Real was having a good ole time in the bar, and she signaled to a bar security member, hey come here I have a question. Adrienne Real asked the security guard to go out to her car...AND CHECK ON HER KIDS. Seriously, if this couldn't be dumber...she asked someone else to check on her little ones out in her car!

Drunk Driving
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"The security guard contacted 911 after discovering the unattended children. Officers made contact with Real and observed that she appeared to be intoxicated." - police spokesman Dwayne English

Drunk, four kids in her car, asked security to go check on the kids...oh boy.

The cops showed up after security called 911 on her, and cuffed her drunk butt....She resisted a bit, but was eventually taken away. As for the kids, ages: 2, 3, 7 and 7...They were released by Department of Child and Family Services to the custody of a grandparent.


Adrienne Real was released from custody at the Joliet police station on an I-Bond. No kids, just a hangover and the thoughts of all the bad crap she did. There was plenty.

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Say cheese, Illinois!


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