If you have a marijuana conviction on your criminal record in Illinois, there's a possibility that it could soon be removed.

It goes hand in hand with the legalization of weed.

When pot prohibition in Illinois ends, that means all those former charges might be dropped.

According to illinoispolicy.com,

"Illinoisans convicted of possession of cannabis prior to the state’s 2016 decriminalization law could see those crimes expunged under a bill passed by the Illinois House."

In January, the Illinois Senate will get a chance to vote on it. If it passes, the lives of many people will change.

"It would amend the Cannabis Control Act by allowing Illinoisans to petition the courts to expunge cannabis offenses or guilty pleas added to their criminal records prior to Illinois’ decriminalization of marijuana in 2016. Ex-offenders would begin to qualify for an expungement three years following the completion of their sentences."

This would give those people a better opportunity for employment and to advance their lives.

How about getting this done because it's only marijuana.

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