One man hopes to "arm and train 50 women" by the end of 2019.

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Mt. Vernon, Illinois man started an organization called Help 50, where he plans to help promote a woman's right to defend herself.

Robert Bertrand is giving away free guns to women who have their FOID card and pass a "Babysitter Test".

According to Bertrand the women who will receive this free guns must pass a background check, have their Firearm Owners Identification Card, and be someone he could trust with his own child.

Bertrand told the Belleville News-Democrat that he started Help 50 because parts of his town can be unsafe:

Especially in Mt. Vernon, some areas are kind of rough. A lot of people are worried about burglars in the middle of the night,”

However, don't expect Bertrand to give away free guns to guys:

 "I'm not giving them to guys, because they always ask for guns,"

At this time Help 50 has given four women shotguns, with another 30 interested. The four women who already received their guns will be getting NRA-certified safety training this October.

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