A woman in Illinois called the police on her 76-year-old neighbor after he took tomatoes from her garden.

Growing up, my parents always had a garden in our backyard. They would plant things like cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and carrots.

One year, I really wanted to grow my own pumpkins for Halloween. They came out great. There was only one problem. Somebody stole them. I was broken-hearted. I worked so hard and then they were gone.

Something similar happened down in Peoria, but this time the police were called.

According to pjstar.com,

"A 76-year-old was caught stealing tomatoes from a backyard garden. A resident told the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office regarding missing tomatoes. Witnesses told her that a specific man had ventured into her backyard earlier that day and snatched tomatoes. A deputy located the man at his home a few blocks away. He admitted to taking the tomatoes. At the request of the tomato-grower, he agreed to stay off her property from now on. No charge was filed."

Here's the thing. I bet if he would have asked her, she probably would have just given him some. There are always way too many for one person.

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