After serving 20 years convicted of a double murder, he DIDN'T commit...Daniel Taylor is free, and a rich man. ABC7 This past Monday, the Chicago City Council met and agreed that $14.25 million would be awarded to Mr. Taylor.

The year was 1992 and there was a double murder in the city of Chicago. According to this report. he was talked into confessing to the murders. One weird point of interest, 20 years later...While this double murder took place, Mr. Taylor was actually IN CUSTODY. At the time he was 17, and arrested for causing a disturbance. So he was actually in police custody when the murders happened...Yet, Daniel was convicted of the crime.

"I never thought I would have to go through what i went through to even receive something like this," - Daniel Taylor

It 2013 Daniel Taylor was set free, and his conviction was overturned. Then he turned around and sued the city. After adjusting to "normal life" outside of prison for the past 9 years, he was finally awarded a settlement.
The Chicago City Council voted unanimously to award Mr.Taylor the $14.25 million.

According to Taylor's attorney, there was evidence that was hidden back in 1992, this led to the arrest and conviction of Mr. Taylor. The attorney for Daniel had some harsh word about the judgement of the City of Chicago:

"The city knew Daniel was innocent back in 1992 and they fought to convict him. They fought his innocence claim and they fought his civil suit for almost nine years." - Lawyer Alexa Van Brunt

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