If you thought mail carriers getting bitten by dogs was a myth well it's completely true with Illinois being one of the worst states for postal workers getting bit.

Dogs Biting Mail Carriers In Illinois

When I was in grade school, I was at one of my friend's houses playing. We out to the backyard not knowing his dog was there. It was mean. The pooch walked right up and bit me in the butt. It was very painful. That's the day I stopped trusting those animals.

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There are some jobs out there where you have to be really careful of dogs. The career on the top of that list is mail carrier. Those poor workers get bit all the time. For a long time, I thought that was a myth until my friend told me a couple of stories.

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I didn't realize that this was a common thing among postal workers. Imagine going to work every day thinking there was a good possibility of you getting bit by a dog. I believe that's the time to start sending out resumes.

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Since mail carriers getting bitten by dogs is something that happens all the time. I'm curious to find out the places that are the unsafest for postal workers. I'm guessing the bigger the city, the worse the dog-biting mailman gets too.

In the whole United States, Illinois came in third for the most mail carriers getting bit by dogs. Last year, it happened 48 times. That sounds like a ridiculous amount but I guess it could really be much higher because people don't control their dogs.

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If your dog bites a postal worker, there's a good chance you'll could get in trouble. The medical bills and all other related expenses are your responsibility. The best thing to do is to keep your dog under control.

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