This unique RV is designed for someone dying to go camping.

I think it's so incredible how creative people take their ideas and make them into reality.

I'm not a big fan of camping but I would go on a trip in this special vehicle.

It's called "Campula."

Check out the photos.

Photo provided by B-13 Handcrafted Inc.

That's so cool. I want one. It would make a great station vehicle.

There's a good story behind it too.

Michael Nantz owns a custom motorcycle shop called B-13 Handcrafted Inc. in Danvers, Illinois.

His brother is a tattoo artist. He wanted something that fit his personality to travel and camp in. He hired his brother, Michael, for the job.

Nantz teamed up with Rob Harding of Boom-Boom Paints to design "Campula."

I think they got the job done.


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