Hey Guy Fieri, you need to jump on a jet an head to Rockford ASAP because this pork sandwich is FIRE.

When I was in college I spent most of my class periods pretending to listen to my professors and instead I doodled on the side of my notebook and planned the bakery I was going to open.

Sometimes those cakes and cupcakes became reality, like the baby shower cake I made filled with pineapples, strawberries and whipped cream as we waited for my now 14 year old niece, but some creative baked goods ideas just ended up in the garbage.

The newest pork sandwich at Don Carter Lanes is making me want to go dig up those ideas but you KNOW this was someone's notebook doodle!


A 12-inch round pork sandwich?? That's like a pizza sized pork patty on a bun.

The only thing that's missing is a bottle of ketchup, because I can't eat any fried meat sandwich without a load of ketchup.

You know what else is pretty enticing? The price!

This monster of a pork sandwich is just $12.99 this month while it's on special, but when November rolls in it's still pretty affordable, just $14.99.

The real question is, can you eat that yourself? Or would you need to share it?

I don't know how well we know each other but... it's a blessing and a curse... I don't really get 'full,' until like hours after I eat so I have a feeling I can take on that sandwich solo.

If, of course, there's a big ketchup bottle nearby.

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