With the JELLO Pudding Pops...

Carl Frederick Kieffer has made a career out of robbing banks. Wyoming, Ohio, and a few in Illinois. He hit up the southern Illinois town of Charlotte, which is 30 minutes away from East St. Louis, and that's where his robbery career ended.

He did make off with about $3300 from this Illinois bank, Fifth Third Bank. He said he had a weapon and demanded the cash. He made it out of the bank with the cash, but was later arrested. How did they know it was him? Was it the mask and gloves? Was it the getaway vehicle? Was it the way he spoke to the bank teller? What about a limp? No, it was his brightly colored "Bill Cosby style" sweater.

Not only was he wearing this robbing the Illinois bank, but he wore the SAME "Cosby" sweater robbing three other banks across the country!

Keiffer told cops that reason he was robbing these banks was because he has over $600,000 in medical bills. Wow. Still, robbing banks and telling them you had a JELLO Pudding Pop, I mean, a gun...that's no way to do things.

The "Cosby like" similarities doesn't stop there. He appeared to be very polite in court as well. Telling the judge, "The FBI has been very nice to me."  Well, I think I'll have a Coke and a smile after hearing that!

If convicted Kieffer could face 20 years in prison. Watch your drinks fellow prison inmates.

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