"Hey honey, look what I did!" Oh boy, how did that work out!?!  WHSV

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Jason Bradley duct taped fireworks to his chest and robbed a bank in Lombard, IL. He handed a teller a note, “I need everything from your drawer or WE ALL DIE!!!” No hat, no gloves, just a mask to prevent the spread of COVID.

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Jason made off with $800 in cash, the silent alarm was pushed, pictures were taken with the security cams...you know the drill here. Jason gets to the parking lot and jumps in his car, that security cameras caught...license plate looked up, and it was registered to Jason and his home in Villa Park.

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45 minutes after the bank robbery, cops were at his house having a chat with his wife. They asked her to help, she did. Jason called and told her what he did and that he ditched the car...Oh, one more thing. He texted her a pic of the stolen cash, along with this text “Nobody has been looking for me? Nothing? Wtf.” If only Jason knew.


When Jason finally returned home that evening, the cops were waiting for him. This is the part of the story where you can make up your own part of the story, check this out.

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Jason stole $800, remember? When cops arrested him, he had $747 on him...What did Jason do with the other $53? Did he get hungry? Did he need gas? Since he was in Villa Park, IL where Double T is from, did he stop by and buy his high school football jersey?

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