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As new parents look for a daycare provider, it can be pretty stressful. If it isn't a good friend or family member, leaving your child with a stranger can be quite the thing...the anxiety of the whole situation can be crazy.

You will want to make sure that all of your questions are answered before you drop off you little ones. Here are some possible questions:

  • Are the people friendly
  • Do they have good references
  • Will your kids pick up good habits
  • Will "your" kids use the right your/you're....

While in Freeport, I noticed this sign in a front yard...check this out ns will will discuss:


First off, the letter blocks...This seems like a fun learning situation for the kids, sweet! You're/your kids will apparently be all smiles and and learn their A-B-C's.

As I was turning around in a nearby driveway, I paused and thought "there is something not right about your/you're sign." I have been by this sign several times, and never thought much about it until I turned around. Do I call the number and tell them? Have numerous other people already called and told them about the error? Or do I just post a picture on our website and have fun with it???? Bingo.

The phone number was scratched off to protect the innocent. I know how your/you're minds work, and that would probably start some trouble.

There's please and thank you, and teaching small lessons that will last a lifetime. Apparently the A-B-C's in Freeport, not that important.

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