A famous covered bridge in Illinois has been crashed into by trucks a huge number of times.

Historic Covered Bridge In Long Grove Illinois

There is a historic covered bridge in Long Grove, Illinois. In fact, it is the only one of its kind in the Chicago area.

According to longgrove.org,

"For over 100 years, the bridge has stood as the symbol of this crossroads town, one of the first in the country to pass a Historic Landmark Ordinance (in 1962) so that new construction need conform to its unique and charming style."

What Is Long Grove, Illinois

If you are looking for a fun day trip with the family, Long Grove is a great little town with nice shops, restaurants, and attractions.

According to longgrove.org,

"Long Grove, a unique crossroads located in Chicago’s northern suburbs, is known for its eclectic and artsy shops and eateries and its old-fashioned country setting."

The Covered Bridge And Historic Little Town Are A Perfect Combination

When visiting Long Grove, Illinois it is like traveling to another place. Driving over the covered bridge is similar to taking a time machine back to an era of yesterday. It takes you away from reality during your visit. Does it not seem like the perfect combination?

Trucks Keep Crashing Into The Long Grove Covered Bridge

There is only one problem with Long Grove's historic covered bridge and unfortunately, it is a big issue. Trucks keep crashing into it and causing major damage.

According to dailyherald.com,

"This is the 30th time a truck has struck the bridge cover since it was reopened in August 2020 following repairs from a previous collision, according to Lake County sheriff's Deputy Chief Chris Covelli."

There are warning signs but some drivers apparently think they were not meant for them. They pay the price for not paying attention and get stuck. The bridge has a height restriction which many trucks can not pass.

Picture From Long Grove Facebook page
Picture From Long Grove Facebook page

The only solution I can think of is the town might eventually have to hire someone to keep an eye on the bridge.

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