You know what makes everything better? Girl Scout Cookies. But you know what one of the worst parts of life is? The fact that Girl Scout Cookies aren't available year round. I guess that's what makes them even tastier.

When I order Girl Scout Cookies, it's hard for me to pick a favorite. So to avoid having to pick, I'll usually indulge in a box of each. But I can't lie, when they released the new s'mores cookies a few years back, that became one I seriously look forward to every year.

I think we're all looking forward to the start of 2021. And now we have an extra delicious reason to look forward to the new year. Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Delish details -

The season officially starts in January, but depending on where you live, Girl Scouts Cookies could be available for pre-order as soon as this week for the 2021 cookie season! For instance, some Girl Scouts across Southern Illinois started accepting cookie orders as of this weekend, in San Antonio, TX, they begin today, and in some parts of Indiana, they'll start January 15.

That's us Illinois! So here's how to get your hands on some cookies. You can download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app and that's pretty much the easiest way to find your cookies.

This season will include a lot of online cookie sales. The cookie line up includes all of your favorites, and possibly a new flavor. There's a new cookie being released, but it's not guaranteed to be offered everywhere.

Here's the cookie we'll hopefully have the option to get in Illinois - Toast - Yay!

It's a french toast tasting cooking and I'm REALLY hoping we get to try it in Illinois. You can get more details and order some cookies here. Or just download the Girl Scout's Cookie Finder App.

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