In the state of Illinois, how old does a kid have to be to be left home alone...legally? IllinoisPolicy

Remember how cool it was as a kid, to finally get the chance to be home alone? Man, I'm gonna do so many things when they are gone! I would usually end up listening to my KISS records a "little louder" or just watching tv. Totally a rebel.


I don't know what it is, I "thought" I was going to do...but I didn't anyway. I think I was probably 12 or 13 when I was left home alone for a period of time...and it was MAYBE thirty minutes or less.

So what is the age in Illinois where a kid can be left alone, legally?


Yep, according to state law, a child must be at least 14 years old to be left home alone.

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House Bill 4305 was recently passed unanimously that if it officially clears, will "leave it up to the parents" to determine the age. It will be based on not the age of the kid, but the kid's maturity level.

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There are 39 other states  in Illinois, that DO NOT have a legally required age for leaving a kid home alone. Of course, the parents are best judge of a kid's maturity level. I know adults that aren't as mature as my 11-year-old stepdaughter, she's still not going to be left home alone though...Nope, nada, not happening.

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