Coffee, Red Bull, sodas, your quick "pick me up" is a sip away.

Coke Buys Minority Stake In Monster Energy Drink Company
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I start every morning with vitamins and a Sugar Free Monster. I am not a coffee person, and would prefer a cold beverage to start the day.

There are so many options locally, whether it's hitting a Starbucks drive-thru of the gas station for a caffeine filled beverage. Now this isn't a lecture about your caffeine intake, believe me I have had some days that I shocked myself with how much I consumed.

Everyone's chemical make up is different, so what might be enough for you maybe isn't the right amount for someone else. But the scary fact is, caffeine can in fact kill you.

16 year old David Allen Cripe passed away from  a "caffeine-induced cardiac event".

David drank three different caffeine drinks:

  • A Large Diet Mountain Dew
  • An Energy Drink
  • A Cafe Latte

All of this was consumed in a time span of two hours. So whatever your daily/morning ritual is, just be careful. We would like you rocking along to The Eagle for years to come.



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