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I am not a coffee drinker, all though I have mastered the art of making a fresh cup every morning. Those that love their coffee in the morning, NEED their coffee to start the day, or to even speak, I get it....totally get it. I've just never enjoyed the taste, and would prefer something ice cold first thing in the morning.

Jen Austin asked the question on Monday, "How many cups of coffee does it take to start your day?" This is interesting, and the responses were even better. There are those that have a high caffeine tolerance and need to begin the day by taking down so much coffee, that I get the shakes just thinking about it.

So let's go to you, the Eagle listener on your coffee consumption:

Four people stated that they hate the stuff, just say no to coffee. It seems that the average is right around two cups to start your day, while Bob Fanello says he's a FIVE cups of coffee kind of guy.

Here are some of my favorite responses from you:


Don't you dare short change Larry, let's make sure the cup is FULL.

Now you might think that you drink a lot of coffee, but there's this guy...Naader Reda from Canada. He does one of those YouTube Channels where you eat large amounts of food, "Freak Eating" is what he calls it. Here is Naader drinking one gallon of McDonald's Iced Coffee...in 2:32. Enjoy!

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