The whole debate on what does "tipsy" mean is up to the individual I guess. If you live in Illinois there's a survey that shows that it's about 3.20 beers. UpGradePoints

The "Tipsy" definition:

  • The act of getting slightly drunk, but not too drunk
  • To feel a nice buzz
  • Tipping or tilted, as if from intoxication
  • Beer
    Dario Sabljak

    O.K. are we on the same page here? 2000 Americans from across the country were questioned about their "tipsy" state of mind. We all know that "it takes me 10 beers," dude...or the lightweight that is a Bud Light Seltzer and done. Let's find that average number state by state, this is super interesting.


    A few notes before we hit the official numbers:

    Southerners can drink, their buzz rate is pretty high. Speaking of down south, Texas is where we find the king if the buzz, the tops of the "Tipsy" with a total of 5.17 beers to be tipsy...Way to go Texas! That's almost 50% above the national average.

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    Adam Berry

    Oregon comes in as the United States, lightweights. 1.92 to catch a buzz in Oregon, is there an altitude thing out there? So not even 2 beers and Oregon is starting the whole "do you know what I don't like about you..." thing.

    Here's the "Tipsy" map, interesting stuff from our friends at UpGradedPoints!

    Upgraded Points
    Upgraded Points

    So Illinois comes in at 3.20 beer...pretty average across the country. The "fives" across the country are somewhat troubling yet funny.

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