Well, at least Rockford wasn't located in the pit of the avocado.

A weather warning yesterday from NOAA outlining some inclement stuff that was going to pass through Illinois and other midwest states was shaped like an avocado.

Better yet, the layers of the storm showed the pit, the avocado itself, and then the skin. Rockford was closer to the outer layer (endocarp) of the avocado, so thankfully, we had a minimal weather event.

The avocado aside, the weather turned out scarier than guacamole made with mayonnaise in other parts of the US.

Springfield, Missouri was hit hardest with wind damage and power outages reported throughout the city. Two tornadoes were also seen touching down in the area.

Thankfully, that was the extent of the damage from avocado warning yesterday and since everyone's OK, who's got the chips?

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