The 49ers and Chiefs will make for a pretty awesome Super Bowl. This years "big game" in Miami will be historic.

Katie Sowers is an offensive assistant coach for the 49ers, and will be the first female coach in Super Bowl history. The NFL has been referred to as a lot of things because of the way that the league had been structured over the years, this is so huge. Check out this response on Twitter:





From BR here is memory of landing the gig with San Fran:

"I was looking for a full-time job and wanted to prove I was valuable. We had a preseason game in Kansas City and it was supposed to be the last day of my internship. John Lynch—the general manager of the 49ers—said, 'We want to keep you on full-time.' My family was on the sidelines and I went over to them and I almost had tears in my eyes." - Katie Sowers

Congrats to Coach Sowers.

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