Is there a color of car that gets pulled over by a police officer, more than another? Yes there is. GetJerry

Urban Myth

So the "Urban Myth" is that it's red cars...Even my wife said red. This is not true, actually red came in second, for the most pulled over color. The answer is actually a simple answer, it's a rhyme and reason that will make you say, "duh." But let's first get back to the red car "Urban Myth."

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Urban legend that says red cars get pulled over more often because they’re perceived as more aggressive than other vehicles. Or, it might reflect the personality of drivers who choose red cars over more understated colors - GetJerry

Does the make and model matter?

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There are different makes and models that receive more tickets as well. There are three different types that get the most tickets, it's quite the variety:

Lexus ES 300

Nissan 350Z

Dodge Charger SE/SXT

The sporty models of Mazdas and Subaru cars received a lot of tickets as well, regardless of their color.

The interesting part of this deals with the driver's psychology and not a brand, a style, or even a color. As a driver, if we are aware that our car has a good amount of power or it has a sporty "fast" look and/or feel...We will push it a little more. The pedal to the metal if you would.

So what about this color thing?

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So the color of car that gets pulled over the most? WHITE

The why is a pretty simple one, there are more white vehicles on the road than any other color. The numbers, never lie.


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