Today is National Boyfriend Day. And even if your boyfriend didn't celebrate National Girlfriend Day back on August 1st, you can still celebrate. That'll make him feel nice and guilty, which is really the whole point.

Anyway, here are some results from a new survey of 1,000 women with boyfriends in honor of the "holiday"

  1. 22% say they met their current boyfriend through a dating app.
  2. Not a ton of people were planning to celebrate National Boyfriend Day, but 21% say they'll cook dinner and 14% will spend the night hanging out with their boyfriend watching Netflix.
  3. The five most desirable qualities in a boyfriend are: Honesty, loyalty, being funny, kindness, and being a good communicator.
  4. And the biggest reasons for fights are: Listening and communication issues, other women, money, spending time together, and small pet peeves.

Read more at National Today.

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