Multiple cars can use one I-Pass transponder, so here's how to do it.

Maybe, you and your family don't travel on the Illinois Tollway very much. You own a few cars but don't find it necessary to have several I-Pass transponders.

It's possible to have just one for all of them but you have to do it the right way.

According to,

"Transponders can be shared between cars and motorcycles registered to the same I-PASS account, but the transponder must be properly mounted in your vehicle whenever you drive on the Tollway. Sharing a transponder puts you at risk of forgetting to move the transponder. Be safe, and put a transponder in every vehicle. No transponder, no discount."

Here's the basic info.

Once you have the transponder, make sure you have all the vehicles that will be using it registered. If you put it in a car that isn't registered, you will be charged full price.

When traveling on the tollway have the transponder with you. If you don't, you'll be hit with the full fare.

Even if you use the transponder on a limited basis, it still must be mounted on your windshield properly. Otherwise, it might now work going through a toll.

Of course, in the long run, it's easier to have one for each vehicle. If you prefer to own just one and share it, just follow the rules and you will be fine.


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