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We talked yesterday about how Illinois is a hotbed for UFO sighting, over 90,000 have been reported...that's an absurd number of sightings. So many have been agreed upon too, yep...that's something we can't explain. But let's focus closer to home, talking UFO's. What about sightings right here in Rockford? We've seen weird things around here, I'm not telling you something you don't already know...this is Rockford after all.

Have you ever looked to the sky and see something strange? I have personally never seen a UFO, but I did hang out with Double T when he drank, and that was out of this world.

Here are five different "possible" UFO sightings right here in Rockford.

#1 November 2015 - This one takes place near the Cherryvale Mall, look closely and you can see stores. What do you thing of this one:

#2 March 2008 - Not sure what to make of this one. The play by play is actual better than the actual video....but their is "something."

#3 August 2015 - Aliens?? Well no, just a light of some sort but these people think that there are aliens. This one isn't bad:

#4 - December 2012 This could be a strobe, a spot light, a flash light, or...little green dudes out for a cruise:

#5 - July 2011 This is the big one, the grand finale....Well maybe not in quality but it has a lot of views, so it's gotta be real, right? O.K., this is actually pretty cool:

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