It's Nation Picnic Month, so here's how to have a Rockford themed one.

Maybe you didn't know, but it's National Picnic Month. If you are thinking about celebrating, here are some things you will need to make it a Rockford style picnic.

  • Martin Park - First, you need to figure out where you are going to have your picnic. I suggest Martin Park. It's right on the Rock River. Plus, there is a playground for the kids.
  • Countryside Meats and Deli - You are going to need to sandwiches to eat.
  • Sam's Drive-in, Byron - Get some of their world famous root beer.
  • Crimson Ridge - Pick up a blanket and picnic basket.
  • Mrs. Fisher's Potato Chips - Gotta have some snacks.
  • Sugarjones - How about some treats?
  • North End Commons Farmer's Market - There should be some healthy items too.
  • Sports Dome - Maybe pick up a frisbee to toss around?

Enjoy your Rockford style picnic.

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