Guys, pay attention and become a quarantined "super hero." K. Paige in Roscoe is delivering surprise gift sets to your home, and at a super reasonable price. Check this out:

Yesterday was very uplifting. Waking up was heavy and worrisome for most of us. Throughout the day local friends placed simple orders for delivery and pick up...each time uplifting their spirits and mine. Friends gifted friends and had “surprises” placed at their doorsteps. We all discussed how motivating and inspirational that was. In doing so we thought it would be nice to put together “inspirational Virtual Gift Sets” ❤️ Maybe for a surprise for you or for a loved one! Surprise gift sets start at $40. Free delivery. Customize or I can simply surprise you! Spread the love!💕❤️✌️✌️✌️Free Delivery, scheduled pick up, free shipping available. Text or call 815-262-4668

Fellas, Brooke and staff obviously know what they are doing, so customize or give them a price and let them do their magic

Here's some great examples:

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