Even just opened a bag of Chocolate Chips, and tossed back a handful for no reason? Me either.


This is a "National Day" that I can embrace, and taste as I type this. Happy National Chocolate Chip Day, this day is a weak spot for me.

I can remember growing up, and as my mom was making chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen, sneaking in to get a handful of chips when she wasn't looking. That addiction to chocolate chips is a real life problem, I still relapse every once in a while.

If you are looking to celebrate tonight, here are some local suggestions on where to go get your chocolate fix:

  • Little Chocolatier Inc
  • Chocolat By Daniel
  • The Chocolatorium / CacaoCuvee
  • Fannie May

So celebrate, go bag for bag with a coworker, and feel free to put them, on everything.


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