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Back in 2016, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner made it official. April 1st is Officially CHEAP TRICK DAY in Illinois! Here is the actual proclamation from Sen. Dave Syverson's Facebook:


“The amazing worldwide success this band has earned is an inspiration to people the world over, but especially in Rockford. It’s amazing that even with all of their fame, they are still grounded and connected and living in their hometown of Rockford." - Sen Dave Severson 

How cool was the timing of that honor, eight days later the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

The "nickel tour" of the bands history, hang tight...Rick knew Tom and they were in a band called Fuse. Tom played in another band with Bun called "Bo Weevils." Fuse moved out east and called themselves, "Sick Man of Europe," Rick and Tom moved back to Rockford. in 1975 they started calling themselves "Cheap Trick." Also in 1975 Robin Zander began as the singer. They played everywhere around here. Bowling alleys, house parties, etc...in 1976 they signed a record deal and the whole "rock star life" started.

They've played around the world over and over and over...Sold well over 20 million albums, and have played a crucial roll in rock and roll history as one of the most influential rock bands ever. The riffs, the pop hook songs, and the anti-image "image" that they have is respected and "borrowed" by bands of all genres and styles in the music industry.

Happy Cheap Trick Day!

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