This abandoned elementary school is icky...Straight out of some sort of bad "B-Movie."

"What once was a children's education center, is now the home to strange creatures...AND KILLER MOLD!!!"


When this elementary school closed down, ONLY eight years ago...I think they just wanted to get away. Move fast and leave everything behind. Literally, everything.


According to the comment, it was lack of funding that caused this school to shut down. It looks pretty state of the art, and very "elementary school." It's all there, all STILL there and so much more.


As you take this video tour, it's the MOLD that will trip you out. Bright green mold pops up everywhere...even in the school cafeteria! Now that part is the creepiest for sure. Not that there's mold where they made the kid's lunches...but it's so dark and scary, I expected the Lunch Lady to jump out from the shadows and stab the camera man with a wooden spoon!


There's no explanation of where exactly in Illinois this school is, which adds to the mystery.

  • Where is it
  • Why did it close
  • What's the deal with the mold
  • Can someone grab me the industrial sized kitchen mixer, I love to cook!

There are those that get pissed about wasted tax dollars, and those that just enjoy touring abandoned buildings...a little of both is o.k.

Here you go, an abandoned Elementary School in Illinois, that closed down in 2014:

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