Earlier this week, Roger Daltrey made news when he joined a wedding band unannounced and performed The Who's classic "I Can't Explain." It was pretty cool. Good thing the band knew a Who tune! That would've been a chance sorely missed otherwise. Good news for Pete Townshend is that his job seems to be in no danger. I'm sure he's relieved.

In a sort of a reversal of that situation is this classic rock moment from 1973. The Who were playing the infamous Cow Palace in San Francisco, when drummer and well-known wild man Keith Moon passed out cold behind the kit during "Won't Get Fooled Again." Who passes out during the loudest song by the loudest band on the planet? Keith Moon, that's who.

The film is a little grainy but you hear the drums stop toward the end of the song before it's realized that Keith was napping. They revived him and he playfully wrestles with Pete before setting down behind the drumkit again. They proceed to play for a little bit again before Keith is out for good. As in, he ain't waking up for 12 hours. Pete informs the crowd what's up and asks if anyone in the audience can play the drums, before adding, "I mean somebody good."

Enter nineteen year old Scott Halpin, the proud owner of the coolest rock 'n roll concert story ever told. The Night I Played Keith Moon's Drums for The Who. Scott did a great job and you can't help but smile thinking about what was going through his mind. Sadly, Scott died a few years back, but nobody can take this away from him.