You should be saving your tax refund... blah blah blah. Nope. Time to use it to invest in your mental health and the Rockford economy. Let's go!

I simply asked myself and others, what have you been wanting to do but didn't because you never really felt like you should splurge? Here's that list. All you need now is your debit card and your dial set to 'Joy-Seeker'.



Maybe you've been dreaming of laying down and letting a professional make you feel amazing. A facial, a mani/pedi, a massage and maybe a fabulous new hairstyle and some make up. You need to book it now at WM Day Spa. They have serial spa packages but it's time to take it all the way. Look at what your get for $450. Add another $200 and make it a spa day for two.

Dine Like A Culinary Pro


The absolute best steak in town. Add their unique cocktail menu and more craft beer selections than just about everybody. Your tax refund dollars will never taste better if spent at Alchemy.

Adopt 4 Dogs from Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary


Why 4? It's the maximum amount of So many adorable pups to pick from. Who wouldn't want all that love to greet you every time you walk in the door. Find out what it takes to adopt a dog (or cat), change your life and that animal's life forever by clicking HERE.

Be A Rockstar

Rent the bi-level whirlpool suite at the Radisson for a week and live like you're famous. And by that I mean wake up when you want and have someone else make you bed. Plus... room service. Don't trash the room like a rockstar, remember you do live here and they will find you.

The Mother Of All Rooftop Parties

The Standard via Facebook

While this is a great place for a wedding, it's truly perfect for any any kind of party. Why not a "I Got A Big A** Refund" party.

The Standard via Facebook

Shop Like Oprah

Go to your favorite place to buy stuff and buy all of it. I'd go to my favorite candle shop, Candle Crest on 20th and Broadway and then do the 'Oprah'... you get a candle and you get a candle, everybody gets a candle.

Become An Honorary Aunt or Uncle To All Your Friend's Kids

Buy all your friends with kids a Magic Waters season passes

Do Unto Others


I'm sure it wouldn't take very long to find a person or group that could use a little of your new found wealth.