Rockford Burger Kings will be serving Froot Loops Shakes in the near future.

According to foodbeast.com,

I thought it was exciting each March, when McDonald's brings back the Shamrock shake. This definitely tops it.

Froot Loops are my favorite cereal. I can eat them as a snack straight out of the box with no milk.

I also enjoy milkshakes, so combining them together has sparked my interest.

You might think this is a weird mix, but Dairy Queen puts different kinds of ingredients into their Blizzards and it works.

If you are worried about how the Froot Loops will blend in a shake, don't. Have you ever had a chocolate cake shake from Portillo's? The cake is not completely blended. It has a strange texture at first, but it's very tasty.

Luckily, I'm not far from a Burger King location. On the launch day, I'll be hitting the drive thru on South Alpine Road or by CherryVale Mall.

Maybe, I'll treat myself to a burger for breakfast that day too.

Video: Burger King Debuts a Froot Loops Shake


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