Last night former Green Bay Packer's QB Aaron Rodgers, made his debut as a member of the New York Jets. It lasted 4 plays, he was injured, and it doesn't look good.

A possible Achilles injury, with the MRI news coming today at some point. This will put Mr. Rodgers on the shelf for a long time, maybe even the rest of his career. WhiskeyRiff

While it does suck to see someone get hurt like that, the internet was filled with plenty of funny last night.

Of course, the internet exploded last night with Aaron Rodgers dramatic entrance to the field, his initial jog onto the field to get into the huddle, and then getting hurt...ending his night, his season, and maybe his career. The beauty of social media, anyone can say anything, post anything, meme anything...and the response was pretty creative.

Let's start from the beginning...Quite the dramatic way to make your debut.


But then...The injury.

The internet explodes:

Aaron Rodgers making his New York Jet's debut...The Simpson's style...

Who will start for the New York Jets now...How about this guy?

Other NFL players reacted to the Rodgers situation...Oh, this one was great. Maybe the best one of the night. Thank you, Patrick Mahomes. Thank you Patrick Mahomes.

For goodness sakes, be careful out there.

When the Manning brothers are speechless...

Omaha Productions
Omaha Productions

Finally, there's this one...Sorry New York Jets fans. The "Joe Namath Curse" lives on.

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